My name is Eartha and I live and work at the foot of the Purbeck Hills in Dorset.  I also spend as much time as I can with my family in Hampshire, Cheshire and the far far North of Scotland. The photographs I take on my wild rambling walks through the woods, hills and hedgerows have become the inspiration for my artwork which forms the basis of my collection of cards, prints, canvas artwork and fabrics.

All of my artwork started life as photographs that I took when I was out walking but then seemed to take on a life of their own. Sometimes whilst I was walking I would feel the energy change and it was as if I had stepped into another world where the colours were more vivid and all of nature had a strange ethereal beauty. It was then that I started to see all the small details that could otherwise be overlooked like small smiling flower faces in the hedgerows, a frosty web, the light through the trees and the patterns that it made on the path, the bones of winter branches making filigree patterns against a clear blue sky, a feather in the mud at my feet. It was like looking with fairy eyes and through those eyes I would see all the hedgerow flowers nodding to me, the achingly beautiful colours of fallen leaves, reflections in pools and puddles, faces in the trees and the endless play of light and shadow. When I looked at the pictures later I could feel that energy once more and some images just jumped out at me to be shared.

Sometimes I found that by treating the photographs in various ways I could recapture the energy that I felt when I was taking the picture. If I mirrored that photograph then all of a sudden the faces that I had seen as fleeting glances in the corner of my eye became clear, peering out at me. 

I turned some of the images into cards and prints and then I discovered that by working with them to design fabrics the original energy was still there and often intensified.

Each of these images has a story, a history. I remember where they were taken, the time of year, what I was feeling and how they made me feel. Walking lifts me up, nature comforts me and I love being able to share the feeling that I get through my artwork and fabrics.

Many of the photographs were taken not out in wild empty nature but in those places where nature lives side by side with us in busy cities. The beautiful mushrooms in a tiny copse of trees on a newly built housing estate, the face of the Green Man in fallen beech leaves and ivy beside a busy road, the majestic Beech Queen overlooking a children’s playground and the Rooks who nest beside the school.

There is a magic in all of these places because the magic lives within each one of us, sometimes forgotten or overlooked but never lost.